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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Cheryl asked me to do a post about my bunny rabbit. I did a short one about him yesterday (he had to go see the doc). So I will tell you the story of how we came to be the proud parents of Bunno, the bunny rabbit.
We were happily living our lives, pet free, when one day I went out on the patio and there sat this cute little black rabbit. I thought when he saw me, he would be frightened and run away. But not so. I've never had any dealings with rabbits before, except the children's story of Peter Rabbit. So, I went over to him and bent down and started talking to him. He didn't move. I petted him for a couple of minutes, and he still didn't move. I figured he might be hungry and thirsty, so I went inside and got a little dish of water and brought it to him. I called Hubs, who was at his office at church, and asked him to stop by the store and pick up some rabbit food. He asked why, and I told him about the rabbit. He said to give him some lettuce. Duh, why didn't I think of that? Anyhow, Hubs said he'd get some rabbit food. At this point I didn't plan on the rabbit being here for good, but I figured if he was going to hang out in my yard, I could at least give him a little snack and some fresh water.
Hubs brought home the food, and we gave him a little dish of it. Kidlet came home from school and immediately fell in love with him. "Can we keep him"? she asked. I said, "Well, he's not ours. He just showed up here. I guess he can stay as long as he wants, if no one comes looking for him." He hung out for about two weeks. Then one day he disappeared. At that time we had holes in the fence around our backyard, and that's how he had gotten in our yard in the first place. And apparantly, he used the same hole as an escape hatch. Kidlet was so sad. She had grown quite attached to him and he seemed to really love her, as well. She went around our neighborhood, going door-to-door, asking if anyone had seen her rabbit. No one had seen him. We were a little disappointed, but not terribly heartbroken. Life went on as normal.
A couple of weeks later, we arrived home from church one Sunday to find a note on our door. It said "We have your rabbit. Plese come for him right away." And there was a phone number to call. When we called, we found it was the house directly behind ours. Apparantly, bunny had been sleeping under their house. They had sold the house and it was scheduled to be tented for termites the next day, and they didn't want the bunny to die. So we retrieved him, and he's been our Bunno ever since. Hubs repaired the fence so he couldn't escape, and we bought him a cage to live in. But he only went inside the cage at night. The rest of the time he had free run of the yard. He seemed to be a happy little guy and was enjoying his life. That winter it got really really cold, so we were afraid he'd freeze outside. So we decided to start bringing him inside at night only. We bought a baby gate so we could lock him inside the kitchen, where we figured he couldn't do any damage to the floors or furniture. Then, little by little, we started letting him come into the livingroom sometimes. Hubs would lay down in the floor, and Bunno would run over to him. As long as Hubs would lay there and pet him, Bunno was content to stay put and move a muscle. That's how he became a most-of-the-time house rabbit. He still goes outside every morning and gets his "ya-yas" out running around the yard, but he likes to come in and get his food and his loves from his humans.
Cheryl asked if he did tricks and if he was litter box trained. Yes, he is litterbox trained, but he doesn't really do any tricks. He does things that are funny and unexpected, but I don't think they're really tricks. I've bought him toys and tried to play with him with them, but he just looks at me like I'm nuts and why am I putting this dumb thing in front of him. But he does sit up on his hind legs, and shows his teeth. It's so cute. And sometimes he just decides to "flop" over on his side or roll over on his back and play dead. We crack up when he does those things. He doesn't like being held. Apparantly rabbits are afraid of heights. But I do pick him up and snuggle him. I tell him he's my little snuggle bunny. And he does snuggle up to my neck. He's extremely soft. His fur feels like velvet. His ears are the stand-up kind, not floppy. And he's solid black with black eyes. We've taken many pics of him over the years, so here's a few.


Brenda said...

Oh Brenda, I love that story. I hope he gets better for your sakes.

We had the same thing happen when my oldest daughter was little. A baby black bunny came into our yard after Easter. We figured someone got it in their Easter basket. We lived in a very small town at the time and put an ad in the local paper but no one claimed him. Actually it was a 'her' we found out later. Anyway, we kept it in a cage but didn't have a yard so we decided to take it to my dad's who had a fenced yard and my brother had put their rabbit there for the same reason. The really funny thing is, I no sooner set the bunny down in the yard then the other rabbit hopped on HER back. *ahem*! This story ends on a sad note, however. Another brother brought over his dogs. And the rest is history.


Happy Saturday!