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Saturday, June 30, 2007

My "Babies"

I know I'm a little 'over-the-top' lately about my cats, but I'm just so in love with them and so grateful that Baby made it back home safe and sound. Here's a pic of her when I used to hold her in one hand and feed her out of a teaspoon. Although she's now about 3 times the size she was in this pic, she's still not much bigger than a minute. But in her mind she has always thought she was as big and bad as any of the other cats, and our rabbit!

This is when they were tiny little things. I used to put them to bed at night, all on one lawn chair and they would snuggle together like this all night long. They are, from left to right, George, Cali, Prowler, and the little black furball at the bottom is Baby.

Here's some recent "cat-titude" from Baby...

Friday, June 29, 2007

It's Friday

Well, I don't have much going on today to write about. Didn't get whole lot of sleep last night because I was so overjoyed that my little baby kltty was back home safe and sound. So today, I'm kind of just lazing around. It's hot and I don't feel like doing much of anything.
But, husband and I did go to WalMart this morning and got new cell phones. We realized that as of this Sunday, July 1st, we will have to have hands-free phones in the car. So we both got new phones. They are camera phones, which I've never been interested in having (I like my camera), but now I'm excited to have it and that's the very first thing I wanted to know how to work on the thing! Now I can take pics wherever I am and I'll be able to post them on my blog or wherever!
Today, also, found out about a brand new restaurant that's opening soon in my area. The Melting Pot. It's a fondue place and jean knee over at put some polka dots on it wrote about it in one of her posts. It sounds sooo yummy. I can't wait for it open so we can go try it out!
Okay, bloggies, more next time and hopefully some news that will have pics with it taken from my new phone!


In my last post I wrote about being sad because my "baby" had run away. Well, at 11:30 tonight, I walked out to the patio and guess who came running up? It was Baby! I don't know where she was all day long or why she didn't come when I called to her all day long, but she's back now, and I am so happy! I thank the Lord that He brought her back to me, safe and sound, just like I asked!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

She's Here!

Got a call from my brother-in-law this morning to tell me that the new baby has finally arrived! Remember the pictures I posted of April's Baby Shower? Well, April's baby was born at 10:28 a.m. PST today! Her name is Ruthie Danielle, and she looks like her daddy. By the way, my brotherinlaw who called is the grandpa. So I'm very happy for James and April and their little family.
But, I'm also very sad today. One of my "babies" ran away sometime between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. this morning. My "babies" are my little family of cats, 5 in all. And it was the smallest (runt of the litter) who ran away. She always sticks very close to home and always comes running first thing in the morning when I get up. But not today. The momma and other 3 babies were all present and accounted for, but not Baby. That's her name, Baby. When she was about 2 months old (that's when I adopted them-they were abandonded) she was the size of my hand. I used to hold her in one hand and feed her out of a teaspoon because she was so small and the other cats would push her away from the food dish. She and I bonded and she has been my "baby" ever since. So not being able to find her today saddens me. Husband says I shouldn't sit around all day worrying about a cat, but I think secretly he's been doing the same thing. We are so attached to her. Well, to all of the cats, but especially her. I'm hoping she'll come home on her own. One of her brothers did this same thing several months ago, and he was gone for about 24 hours then just reappeared. I still have no idea where he had been. I've been praying that my little baby will come home, adn I'm trying not to worry myself too much, but if you're an animal lover, you'll understand what I'm going thru.
Okay, blogger fans, I don't have much more to say today and didn't even really feel like writing this post, but I'm trying to get in the habit of writing at least something every day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Hoorayyy!!!!!!!!! I finally finished the invitations. Can you believe it? I cannot believe how much trouble I had trying to get the darn things done. It was a major accomplishment just to get them to print on the computer where I wanted the printing to ge, then trying to get cardstock to go thru my printer was another fiasco! But, I finally got them all printed, riboon threaded, bows tied, everyting glued in its proper place, and I even put a little "Handmade by Brenda" label on the back of each one. So now, all I hae to do is adress the envelopes, put postage on them and in the mail they go! Oh, yeah, I also have to make a little insert with the brides sizes on it (it's a lingerie shower) to put in each card. That should be simple. At least I hope it is.
Well, on to a brighter note. Today I got a call from a very dear friend with whom I hadn't spoken or seen for a couple of months. She and her hunky hubby have been on vacation, touring across the United States on their way to a family wedding in New York. Anyhow, it was sooo good to hear from her. I think she is probably my oldest and dearest friend. We first met when I was I think about 14 years old (now I'm 50-something!) and even though we've been apart for long periods of time, we have remained friends. Even after we've been apart, when we get together, it's like there has been no time or distance between us ever. Anyhow, I am so glad that she called. She told me all about her trip and it sounds wonderful! O, while she was there, she got to witness the birth of her first great grandchild. The miracle of birth is probably abut the most awesome thing I've ever witnessed in my life. I can't even put into words how awesome it is!
Well, folks, I guess that's enough blabbo for one post. I need to get those pesky invites addressed anyhow.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shower Invitation

Finally got a prototype of the invitation for the Bridal Shower done. Here it is. It was very time-consuming to weave the ribbon thru those tiny little slots made by the ribbon punch. Since I have to make around 20, I need to find a shortcut. Anybody out there have any tips?

Monday, June 25, 2007


This was an email sent to me. Good rules to live by.

DRINK, STEAL, SWEAR & LIE (Not what you think, so read on)!


I met this guy while I was in Albuquerque and he has a motto he lives by everyday. He said listen carefully and live by these 4 rules: Drink, Steal, Swear, & Lie. I was shaking my head 'no', but he then told me to listen while he explained his four rules. So here they are:

1. "Drink" from the "everlasting cup" every day.
2. "Steal" a moment to help someone that is in worse shape than you are.
3. "Swear" that you will be a better person today than yesterday.
4. And last, but not least, when you "lie" down at night, thank God you live in America and have freedom.

I am not as good as I should be; I am not as good as I could be; but THANK GOD,
I am better than I used to be.

-- Author Unknown

Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday's Fun Finds

So today I got up early and went to two estate sales that were advertised in the Pennysaver. The first one was advertised as "Huge Estate Sale: Thousands of depression glass, antiques, collectibles" So I was all primed for a great sale. When I got there it was a garage sale at an apartment. There were a couple of antiques and some depression glass, but a VERY far stretch from being in the thousands as had been advertised. Spent about 10 minutes and no money there.
Off to the second sale. It too had been advertised as a huge estate sale with many antiques. When I got there, it was again a garage sale, and a very small one at that. The only antiques that were there were the people holding the sale. I did see a really pretty tea cart, but when I asked the price, they told me it was already sold. So I browsed for few minutes and finally decided on this candle holder. I paid a whopping $2 bucks for it. Wow, I really am a big spender, huh!

So for an hour's worth of time and $2 buckeroos of my money, I guess it was an okay morning. Then I came home and waited 'til 9 a.m. for Michael's to open. I went there to buy some periwinkle tulle for the wedding shower. I had a 40% coupon so I paid only $3 for 25 yards. Then I saw some garlands with periwinkle morning glories that were priced $9.99 each, but they were under a sign that said 50% off. So I was willing to pay $5 bucks each for them. But when I got to the register to pay, they were only $2.99 each, so I ran back and got another one (3 total). So for another 30 minutes of my time and $12 more of my hard-saved dollars, I got more "stuff". You know, I always need more "stuff". Now to just find a place to put all that "stuff". Right now it's in a pile in the middle of the livingroom floor. But #1 kid is moving out in a couple of days (that's a whole other story), and I'm taking over her room. Then I plan to get all nice and organized and find places for all my "stuff". Hooray!!!
P.S. Oh, yea, Jeanie (spelling?), I haven't made anymore of the cupcakes yet, because I keep forgetting to go to Home Depot to buy more spackle. Cheryl over at Artsy-Fartsy (don't ya just love that name?) suggested trying joint compound for the frosting, too. As soon as I get a batch to come out right, I'll post pics and let you know exactly how I did it. :-)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Three Strikes, I'm Out!

So today I decided to make anotehr batch of faux cupcakes because on the ones I made last week, the spackle "frosting" was too runny and they just didn't look as good as I wanted. I thought the spackle would "harden up" a bit from sitting for a week, but it did not. It was still too runny. Also, the "cupcakes" didn't come out very good, either, aside from the frosting. So that was strike one.
Next I decided to work on the invitations for the wedding shower. I worked and worked to get the layout just right and then it wouldn't print right on my paper- I guess the cardstock was too heavy, or soemthing. It kept getting stuck in the printer and wouldn't go thru. So after about seven or eight tries at that, I called it quits. Strike two!
Next, I decided to try to add links of other bloggers that I frequent to my blog. Searched and searched and thought I'd finally found the correct way to do it. In fact, I did add two links. But then when I clicked on the links to try to get there, nothing! by this time, I'm too frustrated to keep working on it, so I decided that's Strike three and I'm out of the creative business for the day. By the way, if anyone reads this and knows how to add the links, could you please let me know. Thanks, I really appreciate any help I can get.

Shop "Til You Drop Wise Buys

Here's some pics of my Wise Buys from Joann's Fabric Store and Tall Mouse from Monday's shopping spree.
Here are some of the papers I got at Joann's...

Silk flowers, mini scrapbook brads in pink and green, lace trim for napkins...

Strofoam balls for topiaries, and silk flower petals for the tables...

These are the paper lanterns from the Tall Mouse. They were so pretty hanging in the store, all decorated with ribbons and flowers, hanging from a wedding arch.

Monday, June 18, 2007

We Shopped Almost 'Til We Dropped!

Today my friend Esther and I went shopping! We had coupons for 50% off any one non-sale item at Joann's Fabric Store, plus the store was having a collossal sale throughout! So off we went. We went down every single aisle in the store at least twice, and much more than that in the scrapbook section. We spent probably about 3-1/2 hours in the one store. Then it was off to Tall Mouse, sandwiching a short lunch break in between. We shopped all thru Tall Mouse, too, especially their scrapbook section.
Esther makes the most awesome cards, and so she was able to "clean up" in the paper department at Joann's. 12" x 12" papers on sale 6 for 96 cents. I got 18 sheets of paper, too, plus some silk flowers and silk flower petals for the wedding shower I'm planning, mini paper brads for scrapbooking, a pkg. of 2 large styrofoam balls for making floral topiaries, 12 yards of lace for napkins, a Fiskars paper tearing edger, including sales tax, for $21.19. Thought that was a pretty good deal! Over at the Tall Mouse, I got a package of white battery operated paper lanterns, plus some paint in the wedding color, including sales tax, for $10. All in all, I think I scored - especially at Joann's. There's another 50% coupon for next week there, so I must save my "pennies" so I can shop again!
Well, I guess that's about all for now. Maybe I'll take some pics later of the stuff I bought and post it...or not!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wedding Dress Floral - An Experiment

Went to the 99 cent store tonight to get some more of the dolls to make the wedding dress form florals, and look what I found! These were in a package with some doll shoes and purses, and a doll-sized lamp, which I don't need or want any of, but here is the dress form already made, complete with stand (which is good, because I was trying to figure out what to use to stand the doll one with - I know, bad gramar). I was so excited. I needed at least four and they had exactly four! Isn't that awesome. I was so excited I had to run home and take a picture and share.

This is an experiment that I tried. I've been trying to find theee dress forms to make wedding shower centerpieces. The only ones I found were just way too pricey - loke $35 each, and I need at least five of them. So I had a plan to make them myself. Here's what I did. Got one of those fake Barbie-type dolls at the Dollar Tree store, and got a Barbie wedding gown on ebay for 99 cents, plus shipping (like $2.50 for 3 dresses). I ripped the head and arms off the doll, dressed her in the wedding dress, and made the floral, sticking it in the hole where the head used to be. Then I tied some tulle and ribbon aroung the neck, and voila! Let me know what you think.

An Ice Cream Kind of Day!

It was definately an ice cream day today. The weaather ws hot on this summer-like day.
Today we had our June Women's Fellowship at church. We had a "picnic" with lots of yummy picnic foods and then for dessert, we had our very own ice cream bar. Ohhhh, was it soooo good! Everyone brought their favorite ice cream and one topping, then we each built whtever ice cream we wanted. Some had sundaes, some had banana splits, some had cones, some just ate the ice cream. Whatever they picked, each one had the yummiest of treats!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Estate Sale Treasures

Last week I went over to a sale at the estate of the late Phyllis Young who passed away last year in November. She was a special person to me, because just a month before she died, she hired me to do my first professional tea party at her home. Well, these are just a few of the treasures she left behind and I was fortunate to be able to get all these for $10.

I love the cutwork on this vintage tablecloth...

Cute pink hanging candle for the patio, aka, my "Tea Room"...

For years I've had one of these little beauties that says "Coffee", so when I saw this one at the sale, I just had to have it. So this...

turned into this...

For 25 cents each, I took a chance that this...

would turn into this...

Monday, June 11, 2007

More Baby Shower Pics

Just a few of the many dozens of pics we took at April's Baby shower on June 2, 2007. Hope you like!
A fun pic of Mom-To-Be April after her sister had "fixed" her hair!
Welcome to B'z Place (my outdoor "tea room" aka, the patio)
A bite to eat at the tea table.
Something cold to drink: Sparkling pink lemonade in champagne cups, or ice-cold waters with custom labels.
Rubber duckies "swimming" in the fountain.
Hanging teacups in the garden.

Thru the garden "gate", out to the party place.
Here are some people at the shower.
Scroll on down to Wednesday, June 6th's post to see more pics of this fun, fun, fun day.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

B'z Tea Room

Welcome to B'z Tea Room. Today I will try to show my very own little outdoor "tearoom".  It's actually my patio all decked out for the baby shower last week.  I love to come out here with a pot of tea or coffee, turn on some soft classical piano music, listen to the fountain trickling away, and just relax.

   It's such a pleasant place to be on a summer day, or even on a wintery day.  Sometimes when it rains I will make a pot of tea and build a fire in the chimnea and just sit, watching the rain fall.  I love to have tea parties out here - much more pleasant than being cooped-up inside the house.  Hope you like it as much as I!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Clueless in California

I am telling you, I don't understand how everyone in the world can figure out how to work a stupid computer, but I can't seem to do the most simple things.
See, I tried to add the pictures from April's baby shower to my post, and just couldn't figure it out. Then I finally figured out how to add the pics, got 5 put on, then tried to change their layout so I could write explanations of each thing, and I ended up losing all five of them! So, I tried again, and managed to get 3 pics put back on the post, but then somehow, I ended up losing one of them in the process. So there are now only 2 pictures and I don't have a clue of how I even got those two there.
I guess I need to be more patient and keep trying - at least that's what Mr. Perfect hubby keeps telling me. Boy, sometimes, I just want to smack him when he says that to me. But really I guess he's right. (Shhh- don't let him know I said that!) After all, like I said, everyone else in the world can figure these things out, why can't I?
Today, in fact, the week, hasn't been the best of times for me. Last Sunday morning, as I was all dressed for church, walked out onto my back porch when my heel slid off the edge of the porch. As I was going face first to the ground, my foot somehow got caught in the "spokes" of a small bicycle planter that was sitting nest to the porch. As my body went flying forward, the foot stayed behind caught in the spoke, and twisted it soooo bad. It immediately swelled to the size of an elephant's foot, and by the next morning was already turning purple. So I've been bummed with a "bum" foot all week, not able to do anything I normally do, much anything I want to do.
But I keep thinking that maybe God has something for me to learn during all this. I don't know what it is yet, but I believe that nothing happens to us without His knowledge and permission. So I have to believe that something good will come out of this little "dilemna". The Bible says that satan means things for our harm, but God turns things around to be for our good. I like that. Everytime satan tries to do something bad to me, God will turn the tables on satan and cause it to come out for my good!
Maybe God can even help me to learn how to use this stupid compute to do the things I want to on it! Hopefully, there will be more pictures to come later on.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

April's Baby Shower

Walking toward the sign-in table - Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme pics.
The sign-in table where the Baby Book was displayed.
Here is a picture of the cake. It is just the cutest thing - I love this. It looks like an Anne Geddes picture!
This is a picture of the diaper cake I made. It was tricky at first, trying to learn to do it, but I think it turned out pretty cute when it was all said and done.

Last Saturday was April's Baby Shower. It was held at my hosue. April is the newest "member" of our family. She and James were married about 2 years ago. We in the family, have come to love her so much and are so glad that she's part of our family now.
Okay, I've figured out how to get the pictures on here, but I don't know how to arrange them and put comments with the pics. So I keep trying!

Hats Off To Mom Tea Party

On Saturday, May 19th, 2007, was our Women's Fellowship annual Mother's Tea Party. We decided on a hat theme, calling it "Hats Off To Mom". Everyone had to wear a hat of some kind. Well, I decided to wear a "tea" hat, which I will post a picture of later on. It was really a purple bowl turned upside down with a small teapot glued to it, with a black feather boa glued around the bottom edge. So many creative hats were there. Loretta had a flower pot turned upside down with silver glittery fringe flued all over, with a Barbie doll sitting in a chair at the top. Lori wore a "Sponge Bob" sponge hat; Becky H. wore a sunflower hat. Dale wore a Wedding Cake hat, and Jane wore an "Easter Bonnet", which had a little nest of easter eggs and bunnies glued on top. Then there was Theresa, who wore a beautiful Edwardian-style hat to match her whole outfit, complete with lace gloves. As she always does, Regina decorated the room to perfection, displaying a multitude of hats and tea paraphenalia. Helen talked about how, as moms, we all wear many different "hats" throughout the course of a day. I think everyone had a wonderful time! And this year, I didn't hurt myself preparing the foods. So I'm thankful for that! I will post pictures of all as soon as I figure out how to add pictures onto the blog.