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Friday, July 13, 2007

Just A Little Post

Just wanted to do a little post, so that I can keep up with blogging every day. The whole reason I started this blog was because I had gone to a minister friend's funeral and it was noted during the service how the wife of the deceased had journaled every single day of their 69 years of marriage. And I decided that I wanted to start journaling. I've started several times in the past to journal - I have about a dozen of those pretty little books with the blank pages. Each book has a couple of entries and then nothing. So when I decided to start this blog, I wanted to try to write at least something every single day. Well, I haven't made it every single day, but I'm trying. So here I am tonight to write about the days events.
Today it was very hot - about 94 degrees. I had to finish my baking for Hattie's tea party that's tomorrow and I wasn't thrilled with heating up the house even more than it already was by having to turn on the oven. But I did so early in the morning before the day got too blazing hot. I made Chocolatey Raspberry Crumb Bars, Green Apple Chutney, and had to bake another batch of zucchini bread, because the one made yesterday tasted burned and hubby said not to serve it. I also made a batch of blueberry scones and got them in the freezer; got all the breads cut for the sandwiches, as well as the cheeses and meats; got my little white tea apron ironed and even shopped for a new white shirt to wear tomorrow as my "uniform". I got the tea set ready - decided to use "Roses, Roses". I forgot to take pics of it before packing it, but I will be taking pictures tomorrow at the party and then I will post them later tomorrow.
I also got my wallpaper border for my new office. I found it at WalMart. It's a white background with pink roses. The bottom is scalloped to the shape of the roses. I'm going to paint the top half of the walls a very pale pink, with the bottom half just a shade or two darker, with the border in the middle. Then I saw a valance at Target by Laura Ashley that's the softest pink voile. I think I'm going to go back and buy it. All the trim in the room will be white. I'm going to use a lot of the pink florals I made for April's baby shower. Some of them will remain on my patio, but I need to incorporate a lot of that stuff into my office decor.
Did you notice the Daily Snippets From The Word by CWO on my sidebar? At first I couldn't figure out how to do the link - I'm still so braindead when it comes to trying to do differnt things on my blog. I had seen this on Christy's blog over at BonBon Boutique, and I really liked it. So I clicked on the link and finally figured out how to add it to my own place. I'm glad. Now I can have a scripture every day to meditate on when I read my blog.
O, I was also very excited to see that Amy over at Silly Daze is back on the blogisphere. I met her quite by accident, although I believe it wasn't really an accident (see post "Not An Accident" from May 11th). She is also a pastor's wife, from Wisconsin, and she was going thru a hard time, as we in our 'profession' do from time to time. She was the first person I linked to on the blog and she had not blogged since May. Yesterday I popped over to her site and there she was - back in the swing of things and blogging away! We had emailed each other a couple of times and I immediately left a comment on her blog yesterday. I hope she's read it and will pop over here to B'z Place and meet all of you great people that I've met thru blogging.
O, and guess what? I forgot to bid on yet another Ebay auction. That makes #6 now in how many days? I really think the old gray matter is faltering!


Christy said...

Hey! Sorry I'm late on responding to your "snippet" question but I'm glad that you figured it out. Looks great!

Jean Knee said...

sounds like things are gonna be tasty. that is a lot of food to get together. Do you charge for your teas? If so how do you decide how much to charge. just wondering.