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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Bit Better Today

Today is a bit better than the past few days have been. Baby still hasn't returned, but I have a renewed hope today that she will eventually come back to us. I called the Animal Control and gave her description. They said that no one fitting that description has been picked up by them, dead or alive. That gave a bit of a sense of relief. I then visite the local Animal Shelter's website, where they post pics of lost and found pets. Baby was not there, either. I, along with Hubby, really believe she's being held "hostage" by someone who's not aware that she already has a home and a family that loves her. I am very thankful for all of you who have written to me with encouraging words and thoughts and prayers you've offered up for me and Baby. Reading all the comments has REALLY helped me not to totally fall apart in the last 6 days. I have tried to return the comments to each one of you personally, but if I've missed anyone, please know that I am truly grateful for each of you who've written.
I got a note from Cheryl at Artsy-Fartsy about "break-away" collars for pets. So this morning I went to WalMart and bought 4 collars. The boys don't seem to mind theirs at all, but Lucy Momma and Cali-girl both had a fit when I put their on. Especially Cali. She's always been so frightend of every little thing. I don't know why. We try to show her love and kindness the same as we do the other cats, but she's always been very standoff-ish. She's gotten to where she likes to come in the house now, but runs and hides under the sofa or a table in the corner. She'll roll over and let us pet her, but she DOES NOT want to be picked up and held, AT ALL. And she's so beautiful, that you just are compelled to pick her up and hug on her. But I guess that's just her personality. The other cats are all "in your face" when they want attention.
Well, this post is the last one for this month, and that means that I have posted at least something every single day for one whole month. I started my blog in May, and did two posts that month. In June I had nineteen. Now in July, I think I already had thirty-one, but that was because I posted twice in one day, I think the last time Baby ran away and came home in the same day. I've made a lot of new "friends" in bloggerland since I've been doing this. It's been a lot of fun and I hope to continue blogging and continue making more friends and becoming better acquainted with the current blogger friends.
Wow, this is turning out to be a much longer post than I had originally intended, but that's okay. My ramblings may bore other people, but they are therapeutic for me. But I will close now, as I have much work to be done before hosting the bridal shower this weekend! So gotta get crackin'! TTNT :)


Jean Knee said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. You just never know with cats, they are so independent.
Right now we don't have a cat because we are semi-rural but we 'cat nap' the neighbor's cat from time to time.

The Family Jewels said...

If anybody lives close to Brenda please give her a hug for me and tell her that I am praying for Baby's safe return.

Cheryl said...

Your such a good cat mommy! I know having the collars on those cats will help people understand that they belong to someone already... The one cat that doesn't like its collar sounds a lot like my oldest cat Zacky. I am forever finding his collars laying around the yard. I have a drawer full of them.... the little stinker.

That website is awesome and super easy. Just click on any photo you see and type in your name or whatever in the box and hit preview. You can then right click and save it to your computer. Also... there is a lot more than just what is pictured. There is a list I think to the left of the screen..have fun!