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Friday, February 27, 2009

It's A Tazmanian She-Devil!

Oh. My. Goodness! Just came back from the Vet's office with Miss Cali Cat. She has been having a swollen bottom lip and not acting like herself. This cat seriously NEVER let's us pick her up, so it's hard to know when something is actually wrong with her. But the last few days, I've been picking her up, totally against her will, and that's how I noticed her mouth. All red and looked like she had some sort of infection in her gum. So off to the doc's office we went.
As soon as I started trying to pick her up, she ran and hid under the couch. When hubby tried to shoo her out, she ran into our bedroom and under the armoir. Okay, I thought. Now I can catch her. NOT HAPPENING!!! I was laying in the floor so I could reach under the armoir, and I was able to grab her by the nape of her neck. But, I could NOT pull her out of there. She dug her claws into the carpet and was NOT going to come out. I grabbed her by the front legs, and she managed to fight her way loose from me and ran back into the livingroom and under the couch again. With Hubby helping, we finally managed to get her to go into the hallway, where she actually sat still long enough for Hubby to pick her up. He brought her into the diningroom, where I had the carrier setting on the table, awaiting her "arrival". Hubby shoved her inside, and before he could get his arm out and I could shut the door, THAT DARN CAT managed to turn herself around and run out of that carrier. Not more than 2 seconds, man. It was so fast that I didn't even realize what had happened, until Hubby was trying to grab her, as half of her body was hanging off the table. I grabbed at her and he grabbed at her, and all the while she was like a tazmanian "she"-devil, flopping all around. She clawed Hubby all over one hand and arm and brought blood. She managed to wrangle free and again, ran down the hallway. This time she hid under a china cabinet at the end of the hallway, and while I pulled her out, AGAIN, Hubby came with the carrier. As soon as I got hold of her, we shoved her in the carrier and slammed the door shut before she could escape again.
After it was all over with, I started to think about how this whole scenerio must have looked, and I started laughing hysterically! Then we were both so worn out and out of breath, that we had to take a minute or two to regroup ourselves before we could load her into the car and go to the doctor's office.
O, and once we got there, the doc had to practically pry her out of the carrier with a crowbar, just to examine her.
So he says she has some kind of infection, probably from getting her mouth hung up on something, either inside or out. He gave her a shot, and now I have to give her antibiotics two times a day until it's all gone. The doctor said to me, "Sqeeze the medicine into the dropper and 'gently' squeeze it out into her mouth". O, yeah, easy for him to say. She's quiet for him. For me, she's a tazmanian she-devil, I tell ya! O, and could I have a tranquilizer for her before I have to give her the meds every day? Thanks, doc!
And, here's a pic of the little "angel":


prof en retraite said...

Oh, she does look like my Isabella...who doesn't like to be picked up either. In fact...none of my cats like to be picked up! The only time my beloved Ozzie lets me hold her is at the vet when she's scared. Have a great weekend...Debbie

Brenda said...

That's so funny! I could just picture you guys running all over the house. Have fun trying to give her her meds!
I think maybe you and your hubby are the ones who need the tranquilizers!

Sue said...

This is why people own dogs....All I have to say to my dog is "You want to go to Dairy Queen?"...before I finish saying Queen he's in the car....thanks for stopping by my blog for Tablescape Thursday, hope you visit again....Sue.

Mary Lee said...

You should try giving a cat nose drops....quite an experience! My cat will be going to the Vet later this month for her yearly check up. I'm not looking forward to getting her in the cage. Hope your kitty is better soon.

Kathy said...

Bless her heart, and her lips! We used to close our bedroom door (our cat's favorite hide out when it was time to go to the vet!) and turn on the vacuum cleaner. She would run into the bathroom, I would slam the door (watching out for her tail of course) and then go in & get her and put her in the cage. That feline could dig in under the bed (the middle of course-couldn't reach it!) like nobody's business!