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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Three Strikes, I'm Out!

So today I decided to make anotehr batch of faux cupcakes because on the ones I made last week, the spackle "frosting" was too runny and they just didn't look as good as I wanted. I thought the spackle would "harden up" a bit from sitting for a week, but it did not. It was still too runny. Also, the "cupcakes" didn't come out very good, either, aside from the frosting. So that was strike one.
Next I decided to work on the invitations for the wedding shower. I worked and worked to get the layout just right and then it wouldn't print right on my paper- I guess the cardstock was too heavy, or soemthing. It kept getting stuck in the printer and wouldn't go thru. So after about seven or eight tries at that, I called it quits. Strike two!
Next, I decided to try to add links of other bloggers that I frequent to my blog. Searched and searched and thought I'd finally found the correct way to do it. In fact, I did add two links. But then when I clicked on the links to try to get there, nothing! by this time, I'm too frustrated to keep working on it, so I decided that's Strike three and I'm out of the creative business for the day. By the way, if anyone reads this and knows how to add the links, could you please let me know. Thanks, I really appreciate any help I can get.


Jean Knee said...

are you doing those cupcakes from partea planner? I love those. Did ya have a kit or what? Risa won't answer my email about them.

I cant do anything at all on these blogs sorry i cant help


B said...

Ya, I noticed she wouldn't tell anybody wehre to find the kit, too. I went online and looked up recipes for faux cupcakes - could only find instructions for using styrofoam for cakes. So I thought to myself that plaster of paris would work. Then I found a place online that said to use spackle for frosting, and my hubby, who used to do construction, told me to just tint it with food coloring. It was too thick straight out of the can, so I thinned it down with water and got it too thin. I just put cupcake liners in my mini muffin tin and mised up the plaster and poured it in just like cake batter. Tokk less than 1/2 hour to set, then came the frosting. That's the tricky part, is getting it thin enough to go thru a cake deco tube, but thick enough to hold its shape. Just play with it. I'll try again tomorrow when I'm in a better mood. :-)

Cheryl said...

Hello B... thank you for telling me how to make it so my photos will enlarge when clicked. It worked! I know how to do the linky thing...so now, I'll help you :-) ok.... so to add a link to a another blog: click on "customize my page", then click on "add a page element" then click on the add a "list"... once there make a title like "Blogs I visit" (whatever you like) then below that the very bottom is the "add list item" cut and paste a blogs name or a web address of a blog into that box. There is a green link next to it that you click on and then you add that address in the pop up box that is brought up by the green link button. Should work! I see we are neighbors...I live in the very center of California :-P Ohhhhhhhh and how about trying joint compound to use as the frosting? It has a nice texture to it. I've used it on other projects. Its smooth and firm, just might work~

Cheryl said...

Ohhhhhh one question, Who is getting married? I have made zillions of invitations. I always get them printed at the local Office stores. Cardstock is like 12 cents a copy. (they will do it for you) I usually get two per page then I cut and add a nice backing/ribbon/eyelets etc. You can even get them to print it on a transparency for 50 cents a sheet (for black & white) then back on some fabulous paper... oh no! now you've got me started! sowwy~

Rosemary said...

Hi B,
Thanks for visiting my blog.
The Ventura flea market is several times a year. The next one is in September. It is at the Ventura Fairgrounds. Go to the RG Canning website.
I like your blog too!

Jean Knee said...

I signed up for good mail on Annie's blog anniethology.blogspot
but it closed at 50 members. She can probably tell you another group of GM girls.

Cheryl said...

The matchbox was a "shabby chic" swap. So I just tossed in any old junk...figured if they didn't like it - it could be called "shabby *hit".
NOW missy... you've got to add more to your blog~ Go to the "customize my page" and there you can add a photo, maybe some small clip art or photos to separate your sidebar. Also, at the "customize your page" area, you can change the layout of your sidebar. Just click and drag things in the order you want...then hit "preview" and if you like it, hit save. :-)

Jean Knee said...

Brenda, you gotta hrry and get those cupcakes ready. I wanta see em. post em

by the way, love the new polka dot back ground

Esther said...

Here I go again to see if I can "blog" w/you Ms. #2 P...
You are doing such a good job with you "blogging." Now let's see how well this #1 P does with commenting. I finally found my square doilies too...I'm just jumping for glee...not onto my cardmaking.

Esther said...

Here I am again #1 P...I was going to start my own blog; however, couldn't come up with a catchy name so will have to ponder that one for awhile. Let's do the IM later Ms #2 P