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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Persistence Pays Off

You know, sometimes I get really ticked off at people who just seem to be stupid. Case in point, on Monday of this week, I went to Michael's because it was the last day to use a 50% off coupon and I wanted to buy this jar.

I went to the Michael's that is nearest my house. The only jar of this style and size they had left in the entire store had been filled with mini pinecones and other junk that I didn't want, and set at the end of the aisle for display purposes. The regular price for it is $29.99, so you can see why I wanted to use a 50% coupon. Well, I started to find some place to dump out the pinecone junk before going to the checkout. But then I thought the store might not appreciate me just dumping it somewhere, plus I'm prone to clumsiness, and figured I'd end up spilling it all over the floor. So I went up to the register, jar full of pinecones in tow. I stood in line for about 10 minutes, because this particular Michael's is so poorly managed that you always have to stand in long lines because no one works. I finally got up to the register, and I asked the girl working there if she could dump the stuff out, because I didn't want it. So she asked another worker, who said to call the store manager. So she calls the store manager and asks her if she can dump it out. The store manager apparantly told her No, if it was a display, then it's not for sale. So the girls repeats to me what the manager said. I said, But it's the last one you have. You can't sell it to me? So she calls the manager again, and again, the manager says it's not for sale. This fried me. How stupid is that? If it's the last one in the store, what good does it do to have it displayed? Displayed for what? So people like me can see what they can't purchase? A very dear friend of mine, who's now passed away, once told me that ignorance would be the very hardest thing to deal with in dealing with people. Boy, was she ever right about that! So, I took my coupon and left the store in a huff! I went to another Michael's, about 10 miles from my house, and they didn't have that jar, but did have another which I was willing to fork out the $15 bucks for, so I got it.
So today, I got another flyer in the mail from Michael's with another 50% coupon, but it was only good today from noon until 10:00 p.m. Off I go to another Michael's, a little closer to home, but still a putt, and they had NO JARS in any style or size or price range. I decided to go back to my original Michael's, and if they still had the jar I wanted, I would dump the stuff out of it myself, and go to the register and pay for it like a normal person. Not that I'm normal, mind you, but I would act like a normie for the sakc of GETTING MY JAR!!!! Guess what? When I walked to the aisle where the jars are kept, that jar was there, pinecone junk gone, but still showing the dusty residue where they had been, so I grabbed that baby and went like a mad woman to the register and bought it, using my coupon, before anybody had time to think about whether or not it was supposed to be for sale or "just on display". Mission accomplished. People who work in retail just need to learn not to mess with me. When I'm on a mission, I WILL succeed. Maybe later, rather than sooner, but I WILL succeed! TTNT, :=)


Heather said...

Well, you know what fries me? Who cares if it's a display piece? If they sell the same danged jars next year, they'll get enough in their shipment to use one or two as displays. This is a capitalist society for Pete's sake! Sell the friggin' jar!

I'll bet you the store manager or someone else working at the store wanted it for themselves and that's why they wouldn't sell it. Hmmmmm.....

Jean Knee said...

we only have one Michaels here. it is small and poorly managed as well. they will have a huge line with one checker and 4 people straightening shelves so I can't rush in there to pick something up unless I have an extra hour to stand in line.

and the coupons don't say on them no Martha Stewart stuff but they won't let me use it on her stuff anyway, they'd rather not sell it then mark it down for a dollar later. dummies

I like that jar.

Cheryl said...

Ahhhhh thanks for the nice comments on my little cottage I made. I made that myself, just "winged" it.
You know... you should go to thrift stores for those glass jars with lids. I come across those all the time and they are always in mint condition. I normally pay around 4 bucks for them. Just a thought~